Course Cavern Diver

Objective of the course to train the diver in an appropriate planning, techniques and risks of diving in caves, always seeing the light of day inside the cavern, never without daylight.

Requirements Cavern Diver Course

– Zone of the cavern with daylight

– 1/3 of the total gas in mono-bottle and 1/6 if it was with two tanks (Sidemount, Bi-bottle) for penetration.

– 60 linear meters and 40 meters of maximum depth.

– No decompression

– Without restrictions

– Always maintain contact with the main line.

– Cavern equipment appropriate.

– 18 years old

– OWD with 25 dives.


– DIN regulator with emergency stage; Hogartian configuration recommended.

– BCD, fins and mask, NO snorkel

– Cortacabos or knife

– Safety pool with 37m minimum, main reel suitable for caverns

– Two lights with duration of the batteries according to the diving time

– Computer and tables or other backup computer

– Three directional markers


– Proper propulsion, trimming, gas management, different equipment options, manual, light and tactile signs, stress control, cavern environment and geology, emergency procedures and problem solving, cave exploration.

Price: € 450 (maximum two students)