Dive Sites


Sollerdivers is located in the only harbour of the north in the Tramontana (has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) in the beautiful port of Sóller.

Sa Foradada

Located 4 miles away from Soller’s harbour Sa Foradada is an amazing rock formation where a big hole in the rock can be seen from very far away. It’s one of the best dive sites of the serra de tramontana.

The boat will usually anchor on the south at 10m and we will start the dive by taking the north west direction following the wall right hand to the north. We will desccent gradually until we will find some big rocks in which it’s posible to see octopus, moray eels, conger and groupers. Between this rocks we will find a huge Posidonia meadows where salps and many small fish are hiding.


Located 1 mile from the Soller harbour and only 50 m away from Mallorca, this small island has the best spots in the whole area.

With a seabed of 8m depth, the divers are able to control their descent by following the wall.

From that point, you will find a field of posidonia between differents rocks of differents sizes which can reach 26m depth where a huge amount of species such as moray eel, lobster, grouper and scorpion fish are hiding.

The way the rocks are formed will allow you to swim between small caves which will make the dive an interesting and unusual experience.

Cueva de la Virgen

The cave is located in between Soller’s harbour and Cap gross next to the white lighthouse.It’s one of the best places of the north of Mallorca to practice scubadiving. The bottom is almost on the cliff wall where the depth is 9/10m allowing a controlled descent with a good visual reference.

Once the descent over you will find a range of different dives.

The big wall allows a dive toward the harbour where the maximum depth can be 18m and where is situated the entrance of la cueva de la Virgen, the backlights between the darkness of the cave and the sunlight creates an amazing blue color that makes a memorable experience.

For experienced divers the wall drops to beyond 27m where you can see an old large anchor petrified with the seabed. The impressive marine life makes it one of the best diving spots in Mallorca