Dive Center



SOLLERDIVERS, would like to welcome you as a new dive center in the upcoming season. With its new team, new dive equipments and dive boat, We would like to give you an incredible dive experience in the Serra de Tramuntana.

The new center is based on a very simple philosophy, making able to bring you to the dive world and sharing with you this amazing feeling about the ocean we have.

In Soller Divers we want you to enjoy with us the underwater world and create a unique experience.

This upcoming season we will offer a bunch of different activities that we will be uploading on the website and social media.

It is big challenge to manage a dive center in this privilege area, Port of Sóller. With help from our team I am sure that It will be an amazing season full of unbelievable dives.

I wish to make the correct decisions on the right way and to improve as soon as We can help out the ocean with our knowledge and wisdom.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


SOLLERDIVERS is an Aqualung partner dive center, we use an international brand Aqualung to guarantee high quality equipment. All the material is new, we just acquired our scuba gear for the opening of the dive center this season. We have a wide range of equipment for different activities like diving, snorkeling, apnea.


We have differents sizes and color.

  • Fins Aqualung Stratos ADJ is easy to kick. The dual-material blade is designed to quickly reach the optimal angle needed to move water quickly and efficiently.
  • Superzip Ergo Boot 5mm Ranging from warm to cold water conditions
  • Mask : Aqualung Favola with an excellent field of view
  • Snorkel Aqualung
  • BCD aqualung Pro HD with weight integration
  • Regulator Aqualung Titan more comfortable, lighter-weight and easier-breathing regulator
  • 5mm wetsuit with optional hood
  • Knife Aqualung Squeeze
  • Thermocline flex gloves Aqualung 3mm


In Sollerdivers we have a Bauer compressor model PE550 -VE- F03 , tested in May 2016, with an inflation station 6 bottles with protective cage. Compressor flow is 545 liters per minute thereby load 6 empty bottles in 20 minutes.



  • The proven PE-VE series: For peak free air delivery up to 850 l/min
  • Compressor with BAUER quality standard
  • IK 120/IK 12.14 compressor blocks
  • IK 150/180 compressor blocks
  • P 42 filter system


B-CONTROL MICRO compressor control is a modern, easy-to-use compressor control with colour display for the control and reliable monitoring of all basic functions